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Triple Goddess

Oil, Herbs, and Scrubs and more for the Goddess in you!

Image by Ksenia Yakovleva



Merry Meet!

My name is Latte

I am a single mother of three beautiful babies. I am currently in school and I've decided to start this journey as a healer to spread my love to those who need it!


The world is becoming a scarier place, I want to provide my little bit of love in a box to make you feel safe, even for a little while.

Everything you buy will be cleansed and blessed with the pursest of love and intentions. Here, we are proud supporters of LGBTQ+ and individuals with disabilities. No one is left out!

Allow me to provide your inner goddess with the TLC she deserves.

Please feel free to browse some of our sister businesses,

each service or product is created and ran by some amazing warrior women.

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"Your job is to discover the world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"


Rosa G.

"I ordered the sampler. The packaging is amazing. The smells are just incredible. I will continue to support this queen. I feel good when I put on any of her products. Looking forward to her teas as I have gut inflammation that has been bothering me for a couple of years."

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