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"Why is my Coffee Body Scrub Hard?"

Becuase of the Cocoa & Shea butters within the mixture, the scrub will harden at room temperture or colder.


We recommend leaving the jar in the shower and the heat from the water will soften it up for when you want to use it. 

"What does Smudging mean?"

Smudging is an ancient purification ritual originally practiced by Native Americans. It involves igniting a bundle or braidof dried herbs and waving the smoke to purify people or spaces. Smudging metaphorically renews and cleanses the body, the mind and the spirit.

"Can I Put the Oil Directly on my Skin?"

Any oils purchased as a roller can be applied directly to the skin. The reason for this is it has already been blended with a carrier oil. 

Pure essential oils are too concentrated, and it is advised you do not apply directly to skin.

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Feel free to ask us any question at all, Send us a message down below and we will get back to you! there is no such thing as a stupid question!!!

"What Does Pure Essential Oil Mean?"

Pure essential oils do not contain any diluents, therefore, they contain only one ingredient.

Our blends contain only 100% pure esentail oils.

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