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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Wicca Magazine/Mabol 2022 Edition

Written By: Bev Campling

The svadhishthana or sacral chakra is the second of the seven main chakras that run through the body’s core from the base of the spine to the crown.

It’s about two or three fingers wide above the muladhara or root chakra, which is located in the coccyx area. On the front of the body, the svadhishthana is situated just below the navel. The three lower chakras are equally critical to leading a healthy, balanced life despite the attention given to the four higher chakras. If any lower chakras are unhealthy, they adversely impact the rest. Consider the lower energy centers as the grounding foundation stabilizing the upper chakras.

This article explores the svadhishthana and the crystals that support its vibrational energy for healing and health maintenance.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

When balanced, the sacral chakra plays a crucial role in personal development and growth.

Svadhishthana is a Sanskrit word with two specific meanings: swa (one’s own) and adhisthana (abode or place). A third Sanskrit word also features: swad (taking pleasure in). Therefore, we can translate it as “one’s own abode to take pleasure in.”

Despite being located on the lower half of the physical body, the sacral chakra is closely linked to the five senses of sight, taste, smell, sound, and touch, and for good reason. It starts influencing us as soon as we become mobile as tiny babies. Exploration is vital for a little human’s development and survival. Through the five senses, the svadhishthana opens us up to healthy exploration, creativity, and moving beyond the boundaries of what’s comfortable and familiar.

The more we open up and learn with awe and amazement, the greater our confidence in our abilities and the higher our self-esteem. Ideally, that process should continue throughout our lives. Sadly, many adults become bogged down by fear that can become anxiety or apathy. Either way, our lives become stagnant.

Since body, mind, and soul exist as a divine trilogy, growth that’s blocked or impaired in any area impacts the whole being.


Traditionally, the svadhishthana is symbolized by six petals in a circle with a crescent moon in the center. Usually, the crescent is either silver or white, signifying a connection with lunar energy. The moon affects all water bodies on earth, including water in the human body, so fluctuations in our energy flow and emotions can be attributed to lunar cycles. Water is also the sacral chakra’s element, meaning its characteristic energy is flexibility and flow.

Vermillion, a shade of orange that leans towards red, dominates the svadhishthana and fades into a translucent orange. These are the shades of dawn heralding a new day. Occasionally, it has pale blue or white hues, referring to its connection with water.

The sacral chakra’s sound is VAM (वं), representing creativity and sensuality. Use it in chanting to express its power and clear blockages, or draw the symbol during rituals and spells.

There’s a close association between women, conception and birth, and the svadhishthana. The average menstrual cycle equals the number of days in a lunar cycle. As the sacral chakra is physically connected to the sexual organs, reproduction, and the birth channel, it also represents conception, development, and birth. Spiritually, it signifies the beginning of a new way of life, embracing and nurturing it and birthing change to a more joyous and wiser lifestyle.

Symptoms of a Blocked or Unbalanced Svadhishthana

Mentally and emotionally, our ability to control our role within our environment, relationships with other people, self-esteem, creativity, and sense of joy are all closely linked to the sacral chakra. Physically, it’s related to the lymphatic system and reproductive organs in men and women. It also impacts the lower spine, pelvic bones, and lower digestive tract. Symptoms of a blocked or out-of balance sacral chakra include:

• anxiety and depression

• inability to form healthy bonds with people

• failure to maintain healthy relationships

• lack of self-esteem and relying on the ego (false-self)

• fear of losing control of people, money, material possessions, etc.

• bowel disease

• hip conditions, like arthritis or bursitis

• lower spinal conditions

• reproductive organ diseases

• loss of libido

• infertility

• unhealthy sexual fantasies

• sexual fear and shame

• an unhealthy body image

• addiction to substances, sex, gambling, etc.

• clinging to co-dependent and abusive relationships

• impulsive and risky behavior in the pursuit of pleasure or meaning

• becoming stuck mentally or emotionally by living in the past

• being overwhelmed by fear of change


Crystals are excellent for healing the svadhishthana for several reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to know much about them to harness the power of their healing energy. Also, crystals continue doing their work 24/7/365 once programmed with an intention. Finally, they’re small, discreet, and clean, so you can easily wear a crystal as jewelry or tucked into a pocket or purse.


Amber Gifted to us by trees, amber is an organic crystal packed with earth energy. Because it’s mainly comprised of resin, amber holds the energy of the sun and nature, which is reflected in shades of orange through to brown. Amber gently encourages positivity, the retrieval of personal power, and the willingness to embrace change by clearing inner pathways of blockages. It reinforces intuition and reconnects you to more primal instincts. Use it for building self-confidence, authenticity, spontaneity, courage, and letting go of anxiety and fear.


Celestial-like aragonite crystals form a cluster, making a star crystal reminiscent of beautiful sparkling, distant galaxies. On the other hand, golden-apricot aragonite can also be likened to a glimmering treasure trove. Aragonite boosts creativity, curiosity, and concentration, making it a powerful ally when tackling anything new. It’s also excellent for grounding and releasing negative energies and patterns to make space for new beginnings. Use it for building self-confidence, self-reliance, self-motivation, and success in any venture.


Fiery carnelian vibrates with the root and sacral chakras, bringing effervescent, positive energy to remind you of all the joys of life that are meant for you. It’s much like the word svadhishthana: “one’s own abode to take pleasure in.” Carnelian fires up inspiration, creativity, and the courage to follow through on ideas and manifest them as reality. Use it when you’ve gone through a healing process but still doubt your true potential.


Citrine lights your world with warm, nurturing rays of sunshine, radiating with pure healing energy. It’s an optimistic crystal that casts a golden light on even the darkest days. As the warmth of citrine flows through and about your aura, it raises your vibrational energy, helping remove debris and blockages. Time spent meditating with citrine can open you to the golden light of the Divine. Sometimes called the merchant’s stone, citrine can attract wealth or an abundance of different kinds. Use it for confident, authentic self-expression and to manifest the universal abundance meant for you.


All that glitters might not be gold, but glittering goldstone can help you achieve your goals. Whether your ambitions are finance and career-related or personal achievements, goldstone will ground you in reality. Its calming energy helps you soothe emotions, clearly see things, and make realistic decisions. Use it when you’re aiming at a goal of any kind but lack confidence.


Unlike some powerful crystals we’re looking at here, moonstone radiates with a gentle, loving, feminine energy. Don’t be fooled, though. There’s nothing timid about this stone. The orange moonstone aligns perfectly with the sacral chakra. All moonstones are bathed in the white lunar energy of the full moon that illuminates the night sky. Like a full moon, moonstone is ideal for new beginnings, letting go, and embracing change. Moonstone reminds you of the impermanence of everything in life. It encourages you to accept change as the natural state of flow. Use it when battling to accept life’s cyclical nature and break attachments to people and things.

Orange calcite

Calcite is an affectionate and compassionate crystal. Orange calcite brings warm, sunny vibrations that lift the mood and enrobe you in a cloak of peaceful comfort. In other words, it’s an energizer and nurturer. Open your heart and soul to orange calcite, and it will cleanse your pain and lift your burdens. Its soothing energy removes blockages, clears out encumbrances, and frees you from anything weighing you down. In its place, you’ll find truth and light that lead you beyond the boundaries of your comfort level. Use it if you’re burdened by anything and feeling stuck.

Snowflake Obsidian

Impeccable for grounding, snowflake obsidian keep you anchored in reality while opening you up to the Divine. It can bring thoughts and emotions standing in your way to the surface and help you process them so you can let them go. While it may initially be unsettling working with snowflake obsidian, chaos will soon come to order as past wounds are healed. This allows you to let go and move on, breaking destructive, ingrained patterns in the process. Use it to free yourself from past experiences that create negative thinking and behaviors.


Sunstone didn’t get its name for nothing! It’s a renowned stone of leadership, confidence, empowerment, enthusiasm, transparency, and motivation. Despite its powerful energy, sunstone is gentle and more of a life coach than an enforcer. Get a sunstone companion crystal if you want a piece of sunshine in your pocket. Use it if you’re feeling disempowered, lethargic, or out in the cold.

Tiger’s eye

Gleaming with the colors of earth and sun, tiger’s eye has imposing energy that grounds, protects, and imbues confidence, wisdom, and a sense of quiet invincibility. It provides inner strength, courage, and clear communication. Tiger’s eye clears negativity and helps you face life with poise, knowing that you’re entitled to your rightful place in the world. Use it if you fear voicing your needs and desires and are held back by self-doubt.

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