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Spiritual Vs. Magickal

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Wicca Magazine/Mabol 2022 Edition

Written By: Riki Unrau

Where spirituality and magick intersect can be debated at length, depending on whom you ask. Some believe the two have nothing to do with each other, while others think you can’t have one without the other. This article is not meant to argue an absolute truth on the matter but merely shine some light on the two and show how they can be used harmoniously to rise higher in one’s inner power. Before we dive into how they might complement each other, let’s go over a quick summary to understand the difference between the two.

Magickal Practices

In many circles, there are two ways to practice magick: the high and the low paths, which some refer to as left and right-hand magick. The high path or right hand is believed to be more in alignment with a higher power and is devoted to serving the ultimate “good.” This means that an individual practicing the high path will dedicate their existence to serving life and aiding in its abundance. This person is not concerned with personal rewards or creating a life that benefits only them or the human realm. They believe this life is meant to be harmonious and that we should all practice serving the light and staying away from the dark.

The low path is more concerned with physical life and all of the trappings of materialism. Folk magick would find itself in this category. Those who brew potions, create charms and summon deities would be on the lower magickal path. They are, in essence, trying to force Nature to bend to their will instead of “going with the flow.” They are active rather than passive practitioners.

Neither path is inherently “good” or “bad.” They are merely mechanisms to communicate with something more powerful in an attempt to receive a desirable outcome. Many prefer to strip these labels away altogether as they see them as a way to create an “upper class” and a “lower class” of practitioners. For example, traditionally, ceremonial magick, which relies much more on ritual and tradition, is considered “high,” while folk magick, which requires more emotional control than scholarly dedication, is considered “low.” One can see that this may have been a way for more elite practitioners to distance themselves from their less-educated fellows, a way to dismiss the power of one path in favor of a more “refined” one.

We only intend to use these examples to illustrate how different beliefs and prejudices can possibly block one from exploring other ways to practice magick and open up one’s world.

Spiritual Practices

The prejudice that happens in the world of magick is quite similar to what goes on in spiritual circles. Let’s take religion, for example. A handful of religious associations are looked upon more favorably by the general public than others, depending on where you live, of course. These religions have dominated the conversation surrounding spirituality in our culture. They define what is acceptable to believe, how one should act, and what one should do with one’s life. Essentially, they provide a how-to manual for getting into God’s good graces. A tutorial on how to be spiritual, leaving no room for personal interpretation. Hence, this is why religions have fallen out of fashion in recent decades. People kept having life-changing experiences that did not fit the mold of dogmatic belief. In modern times, it has become more tolerable to express differing views on spirituality and even share one’s own experiences with the divine. We have discovered that, despite what religion might tell us, this world is full of multi-varied and counter-opposing beliefs around what it means to be spiritual. The gatekeepers are vanishing, and a whole new world of magickal spirituality is emerging.

If we were to define spirituality using a more current lens, it might sound something like this: those who are spiritual tend to listen to their inner voice above all else. They are not easily moved by mob thinking and prefer to make up their own minds about a situation. Their version of Source, God, or Allah, is based on personal experience, not collective consensus. They have had a transformative experience with the divine, which has given them the courage to trust their own intuition and peel away from the crowd. They believe that we are all made from Source, and we each carry that power within.

While this explanation is by no means typical, it does provide a somewhat general idea of what a spiritual person might believe. The details are not important. What is important is that this individual is led by something inside that they strive to listen to above all else.

Now, what happens when the guiding voice is combined with the world of magickal intention?

A Multi-Faceted Approach

If we were to list the similarities between spirituality and magick, there are a few points that are worthy of note. First, both facets seem to hold a deep belief in a higher power(s). Second, they believe they can influence the world through their thoughts and/or actions. Third, they believe that there are consequences to our actions, and the karmic scale will be balanced one way or the other.

Using these points, we can see exactly how spirituality and magick intersect and how we might use them together to create a practice that is perfectly unique to the practitioner. It is not as important to focus on the details or labels of the practice as it is to feel it and bring forth one’s intention in each act. For instance, if a spell calls for a particular item, but you feel something different is required, trust yourself. Allow your intuition to guide you in every aspect of your life. That is spirit, and it will guide you to craft the perfect ceremony or spell for what you need. Even if it doesn’t adhere to someone else’s traditions or teachings, that’s okay. You are a unique individual with unique experiences, and no one but you can explore the intangible world of the higher realms. You must learn to trust yourself—that is where spirituality can assist you. Listen to spirit and practice the craft accordingly. When you do that, you will have the full force of the spiritual and magickal worlds aiding you.



Developing your own way of communicating with the divine is imperative if you wish to see profound results. Speaking someone else’s words can be helpful in the beginning, but it will not allow you to rise as high as you might with your own words and intentions.

The following is a practice that you can use to activate your own spiritual connection. You can switch out items and words if you prefer. We encourage you to make this act your own and set your intention firmly. After all, this practice is designed to connect you to spirit, which only listens to heart language. Mere words won’t do unless they are combined with powerful emotion.

What you’ll need:

• 7 candles of any color

• rose or crystal quartz

• hypnotic music like drumming or chanting

Turn on some gentle but rhythmic music that will be easy to focus on. We suggest something with a chant or soft drum beat. Create a circle of candles and light them carefully with the quartz in the middle. Stand before the circle and spend some time setting your intention to strengthen your connection to spirit. Slowly walk around the circle three times with this intention held in the forefront of your mind. Feel it in your heart and body while imagining the beauty of divine connection.

When you are ready, take your seat in the middle of the circle and place the quartz in your right palm with your left hand on your heart. Close your eyes and focus on listening. If your mind is too busy, then focus on the music without thinking about it. Allow your mind to become blank as you sit in the silence of the “in-between.” When you begin to feel something in your palm or heart, then switch. Put the quartz in your left hand and your right hand on your heart. Make this switch as many times as you feel called to. This practice increases your heart fire energy and opens your connection to Source. A boost is given each time you switch.

When you have entered a higher state, which can be felt by a feeling of weightlessness or peace, allow your heart to open up and receive the flow of universal Source energy. Invite it in as your teacher and vow to nourish that connection so it may always be open.

When you feel your connection has been reinvigorated, you can begin to come out of the meditation by gently focusing on your body. Once you have settled back in your body, give thanks to Source and/or your guides for helping you on your path.

With your connection firmly established, you can expect to hear Source more throughout your day as it will do everything it can to guide you where your heart and soul wish to go. All you need to do is listen, and that connection will remain open.

Unrau, Riki. “Wicca Magazine - Mabon 2022.” Online.fliphtml5.Com, Wicca Magazine, Sept. 2022, P#57-59.

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